About us

Eyris Engineering Services GmbH was founded in 2008 in Bonn, Germany. The primary goal of our company is to supply our customers with tailored support involving the provision of required materials, spare parts and components, tools, machines, and equipment.

In order to achieve maximum efficiency, competitive prices and short delivery times, we work with an extensive network of renowned manufacturers from various sectors and can fulfill even the most unusual and demanding requests from the chemical, metallurgical, oil and gas extraction and green energy industries.

We are proud to adapt precisely to the individual needs of our customers and offer innovative sourcing solutions tailored to each customer in the best possible way.


Engineering Services

The Engineering Services segment covers a wide range of services from developing and designing through manufacturing to complete delivery, installation of machinery and equipment, turnkey commissioning, and training of personnel and management.

In this segment, we serve and supply companies in the oil and gas production, oil and gas processing, metallurgy, engineering, petrochemical and other manufacturing sectors. Our focus lies on cost efficiency, reliability, reducing energy costs, reducing capital investment and solving environmental problems. Many years of experience and the latest achievements of the world's leading companies are used in the design and construction of production and processing plants or individual plants.


Our company is a strong and stable partner for cost-effective and efficient global procurement of materials, components, spare parts and tools for our customers in the chemical, metallurgical, oil and gas, green energy and many other industries.

Our lean corporate structures and efficient processes enable us to achieve exceptionally favorable purchasing conditions, from which our customers have benefited for many years.

If required, we analyze the procurement markets worldwide and offer our customers a comprehensive picture of different purchasing options as well as support them in the selection of new suitable suppliers or manufacturers.

Procurement logistics

An indispensable part of procurement is efficient logistics.

Through efficient processes and a precise analysis of transport options, we ensure that our customers are supplied on time, precisely adapted to their needs and at a reasonable price.

We act flexibly and offer the right solution at all times. Depending on the requirements, we use sea, road, air or rail transport or multimodal transport.

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